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Photo - Mack at 10 weeks.

Mastiff puppies are very cute, adorable and cuddley. But they do grow very rapidly into extremely large dogs, and they are not the breed for everyone.

I do not breed for the sake of breeding or filling orders for puppies.  I only breed for myself and for when I want a puppy to show. Hence, I often have 24 months or more between litters.

Companion/pet puppies are only sold desexed, or in the case of co-owned dogs, they are left entire, with breeding rights ONLY authorised by Grangeview Mastiffs, the breeders.

All show and companion/pet puppies are registered with Dogs Queensland. Show puppies are on the Open Register and companion/pet puppies are on the Limited Register.  Puppies are also vaccinated and microchipped, and come with a full and detailed list of instructions on care and feeding.  They also come with a complimentary 3 months free pet insurance with PetPlan Australia.

If you are enquiring about a puppy from Grangeview, please don't just send an email saying "do you have any puppies and how much". (yes, I often get emails like that).  As my babies are very precious to me, I like to know as much as possible about the people that want them, and like to know everything about those people, their history with dogs, their family situation, housing, and the future care that would be offered to a puppy.

It is a big decision to introduce a new member into your family, especially a Mastiff that is going to grow into a very large dog.  Please think very carefully about the responsibility of owning a giant breed, and if you then decide that the Mastiff is for you, then be ready to welcome a true guardian !  They are the most people orientated, devoted and lovable breed of dogs.

However, be prepared - they love to be inside dogs, they want to be with you all the time, they hog the bed, they snore off the Ritcher scale and they slobber a lot !


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